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myHomeControl® requires an EnOcean-based installation. This kind of installation consists of button switches and sensors sending EnOcean radio signals and actuators receiving and reacting on those radio signals by means of turning on lights, lowering blinds or controling heating valves.

myHomeControl® is a PC-Program running under windows. It evaluates radio signals recived from a connected gateway and it generates own radio messages wich will be sent out by the gateway.


Button sensors sends button presses as radio messages. These messages are received by a gateway. The gateway forwards the message to the myHomeControl® software. myHomeControl® evaluate the message and reacts on it. Depending on the function configured myHomeControl® generates commands to turn on lights, to lower blinds, etc. Therefore mhc forwards the message to a gateway and the gateway sends it out as a radion message. The actuators receve the radio message send by the gateway and react on it correspondingly.





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