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Control & Visualization

myHomeControl® shows the actual states in clear pictures and offers a simple touch screen operation. Each floor is shown in the floor plan view with live status indication and the allocated operation elements. The input and output functions are presented with ready-made visualization objects. The presentation mode is protected, so the user can't damage the application data.

A fingertip switches between the floor plan tab-folders. The overriding operation panel is located in tab-folders on the outer right screen side. A fingertip on the object in question opens up the user dialog.




Control & Visualization via the Internet or the intranet

myHomeControl® provides a WEB based interface as well. A standard WEB browser might be used for visualization and operation. The following figures shows a sample of myHomeControl®'s WEB interface.


The menu structure is according the floors and rooms structures of the project:
- Floors contains rooms and items (e.g. lights, blinds, windows, …)
- Rooms contains items

If a web page is browsed, then a list of buttons representing the different floors of the project are going to be shown. If one of these buttons is clicked, then the display changes and buttons for all rooms and items of the corresponding floor are going to be shown. The pressed floor button is going to be marked orange.

A click on a room button opens the corresponding room and all items of that particular room are going to be shown. The pressed room button is marked orange.

Clicking an item button toggles the state of the corresponding item or opens the item and shows more detailed information and controls.

A second click on one of the button closes the corresponding context.






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